City Government Seeking to be More Transparent

All departments of Davenport City government have to make monthly performance reports.  These reports will now be available for citizens to see. Curious about how many calls for service the Davenport Fire Department receives monthly or how much cash the city has on hand? To see those and other performance measures, go to https://performance.cityofdavenportiowa…..

As an example the reports of Police burglary statistics for the current year, burglaries have varied from a low of 59 in March to a high last month of 121.  It is clear that warm months are the busier time for burglars in our city.  Please be careful about open garage doors while you are out working in the yard.  If you are out in the yard it is probably a good idea to lock the doors to the house.  Burglars find opportunity all around.  For more tips on crime prevention visit other tabs on this site or visit the Davenport Police pages on the city web site.  Search “crime prevention.” garage door open

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Past president, and at-large board member of Glen Armil Neighborhood Association. Recently he served on Davenport Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the SAU Neighborhood Relations Council. Has held many volunteer positions at his church and has been involved as a Library board member in Wisconsin, President of Reedsburg, Wisconsin Little League. Years ago he traveled to Florida for relief work after Hurricane Andrew and also to Grand Forks, ND after flooding on the Red River devastated the community. Jim has been married to his wife Donna since 1971, has two sons and 5 grandchildren. He has lived in Glen Armil neighborhood since 1983. He has been a school teacher and a painting contractor, but now retired.
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