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Maybe the fastest way to get important public safety information to neighbors is to use Facebook.  Most people will go to Facebook sooner than checking this website.  Recently, in June, a man tried to force a woman into his car near Glen Armil Park.  Within hours this website had information (scroll down to find the original post) about the incident posted on our front page, but if you do not look at this website each day, you would not have gotten the timely information.  The media had information as well and the “Nextdoor” app also had information available.  For neighbors who are organized as neighborhood watch groups, the Facebook page should prove helpful.Spanish influence on house on LombardMake us a friend if you are on Facebook.  In the search box at the top of Facebook, enter Glen Armil Neighborhood Association.  Then invite others to befriend us as well.

The Facebook page will also feature, as all Facebook pages feature, a timeline to chronologically mark postings about our neighborhood. But beside public safety information, much civic information and social news can be posted there.  Comments also will be allowed, while presently comments are not allowed on the website.  So Glen Armil Neighborhood Association now offers two sponsored links for your convenience.  We also avail ourselves of the “Nextdoor” app, but GANA did not originate the connection to “Nextdoor” as a result we are connected with the Norwood Park neighbors in that grouping on “Nextdoor”.  The boundaries of Glen Armil/Norwood Park do not conform with the GANA by-laws.  As a result some information shared in posts on “Nextdoor” may not apply to the Glen Armil Neighborhood Association.  We will try to be very careful in distinguishing information through “Nextdoor”

About jwelch

Past president, and at-large board member of Glen Armil Neighborhood Association. Recently he served on Davenport Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the SAU Neighborhood Relations Council. Has held many volunteer positions at his church and has been involved as a Library board member in Wisconsin, President of Reedsburg, Wisconsin Little League. Years ago he traveled to Florida for relief work after Hurricane Andrew and also to Grand Forks, ND after flooding on the Red River devastated the community. Jim has been married to his wife Donna since 1971, has two sons and 5 grandchildren. He has lived in Glen Armil neighborhood since 1983. He has been a school teacher and a painting contractor, but now retired.
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