Photos Reveal the History of our Neighborhood

submitted photo: photographer unknown

The history of our neighborhood is discovered in old b&w photos. As near as we can determine the pictures are from the early 1950’s by virtue of the models of the vehicles in them. If you have leads to the history of glen Armil neighborhood please contact the editor at  The photo above is at Gaines looking west on Rusholme.  The car on Rushome Street is a Hudson design that was in production from 1948-1950.  The photo below is at Gaines street looking west on Spalding.  The truck on Spalding is a Chevrolet 3100 model of a design that was in production from 1947 – 1953.  The car in the drive way behind the truck appears to be a 1949 Chevy coupe or similar GM car.



submitted photo; photographer unknown

Research at the library has revealed that the Glen Armil addition was started in 1930.  Four permits were issued for the first houses in February of 1930.  One of the first houses built was at 834 Lombard.  Also the Davenport city council voted to pave a portion of Lombard St in that same year, but the rest of the streets in the addition were not paved until 1932.  So it seems building was begun on the southern edge of our neighborhood in the depths of the great depression.  Houses did not sell as originally planned and it wasn’t until 1940 that economic conditions were such that home buying in Davenport was more attractive.  Numerous advertisements were placed beginning that year for lots in the Daily Times newspaper.  These ads continued through 1941.  It wasn’t until the mid fifties that West Central Park was paved from Western to Marquette St.  Most of the houses were complete by 1956.

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