Junior Theater is a Well Kept Secret

Davenport Junior Theater is a well established institution for area children operated under the auspices of Davenport Parks and Recreation. But when it comes to thinking of where should we go to see good entertainment, few residents think about the quality entertainment this venue affords. And, the theater recently underwent major remodeling, including new seating.

This weekend the Junior Theater is putting on a Broadway musical, “Seussical Jr” worthy of any Quad Citian’s consideration at bargain prices. Children $6, Adults $8 All tickets sold at the door.

Saturday, February 17 at 1:00 PM
Saturday, February 17 at 4:00 PM
Sunday, February 18 at 1:00 PM
Sunday, February 18 at 4:00 PM
Saturday, February 24 at 1:00 PM
Saturday, February 24 at 4:00 PM
Sunday, February 25 at 1:00 PM
Sunday, February 25 at 4:00 PM

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Feeding Birds in the Middle of Winter

In September I posted about bird watching in our neighborhood. Since that time I received a Christmas gift of a new digital SLR camera and I have discovered that I don’t need a powerful zoom lens to get some great shots. I can utilize the 18 MP resolution of the sensor in my camera to enlarge photos by using my computer to enlarge and crop them.

On Feb 7th I stood on my three season porch and took some photos from the doorway using various techniques. I was able to identify more birds from my photos than I have before with a pair of binoculars or the naked eye. Because photographs allow me to study the feathered friends carefully, found more species than I thought I had previously.

I photographed cardinals, sparrows, blue jays, nuthatches, juncos, house finches, and black-capped chickadees in a short time. Of course we have fed these creatures for many years, having figured out how to foil squirrels who would rob the seed. And in the middle of winter it is important to keep the feeder full of a variety of seeds, especially when the ground is covered with snow.

When twenty or birds are on the feeder at once they will scratch like chickens do in the seeds to find a seed they prefer. By doing this some seeds will go to the ground and we see other birds on the ground feasting especially the juncos.

Finally the morning feeding frenzy was interrupted when a small raptor flew over and birds headed for cover. The raptor chased birds this way and that, even into the bare limbs of our lilac trying to make a meal of the birds I am feeding! All in all it was a most enjoyable week of bird watching in Glenarmil.  Below is a far away photo of my unidentified raptor.

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Photos Reveal the History of our Neighborhood

submitted photo: photographer unknown

The history of our neighborhood is discovered in old b&w photos. As near as we can determine the pictures are from the early 1950’s by virtue of the models of the vehicles in them. If you have leads to the history of glen Armil neighborhood please contact the editor at [email protected].  The photo above is at Gaines looking west on Rusholme.  The car on Rushome Street is a Hudson design that was in production from 1948-1950.  The photo below is at Gaines street looking west on Spalding.  The truck on Spalding is a Chevrolet 3100 model of a design that was in production from 1947 – 1953.  The car in the drive way behind the truck appears to be a 1949 Chevy coupe or similar GM car.



submitted photo; photographer unknown

Research at the library has revealed that the Glen Armil addition was started in 1930.  Four permits were issued for the first houses in February of 1930.  One of the first houses built was at 834 Lombard.  Also the Davenport city council voted to pave a portion of Lombard St in that same year, but the rest of the streets in the addition were not paved until 1932.  So it seems building was begun on the southern edge of our neighborhood in the depths of the great depression.  Houses did not sell as originally planned and it wasn’t until 1940 that economic conditions were such that home buying in Davenport was more attractive.  Numerous advertisements were placed beginning that year for lots in the Daily Times newspaper.  These ads continued through 1941.  It wasn’t until the mid fifties that West Central Park was paved from Western to Marquette St.  Most of the houses were complete by 1956.

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Glenarmil Neighborhood Xmas Lights Featured in QC Times

The local paper featured a story about “Holiday Lights”.

On Sunday, December 24th the Times ran a featured article on page A9 and promoted on the front page.  Two photos from our neighborhood appear in the article along with a map and reference of 10 home all together.  Outstanding!  Thanks to all of our neighbors who decorated for the season.  Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.

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Birds, Backyards and Glen Armil Quality of Life

My wife and I enjoy our backyard and the birds that visit.  When an Oriole visited our yard this spring at the migration time, we rejoiced that we got to see the bright plumage.  We have a humming bird feeder  that attracts an occasional Ruby Throated humming bird that seems to live high up in the neighbor’s maple tree. We regularly feed birds and note if there are new visitors to the yard.  Last fall we saw some goldfinches feeding on our coneflowers in the fall and we certainly hope to see them again, this year, but no sign of them so far.  We are wondering if the drought is affecting bird visits to our neighborhood?  During this stressful dry weather, we need to be extra vigilant about providing drinking water for the birds around our house.

One bird that we have heard recently but find hard to see is the Great Horned Owl. When the nights are cool, we have slept with the windows open.  Noises of various sorts most notably the sirens of Medic vehicles racing along West Central Park Avenue, can disturb our sleep.  But after so many years we can sleep through siren screams most of the time.  For many nights just after dark and before sunrise I have heard the unmistakingly loud hoots of the largest of all owls.  But tonight after sunset but while it was light enough to see silhouettes I heard the hoots of our nocturnal predator that had become so familiar.  I called my wife to the back yard and it sounded like Mr. Owl was in the big Maple across the alley about 75 yards away.  We pulled up lawn chairs and just enjoyed the experience.  It wasn’t long when we noticed the sight of the big bird flying to a higher perch.  We were so excited to see the owl we could hardly stand it. He or she continued to sit on the bare branch allowing us to see the turn of its head, the tufts of feathers that form its “horns” and to judge the owls magnificent stature probably 24 inches high.

What of the hoots of the Great Horned Owl?  While not as loud as the sirens, its call has a haunting quality that draws me out of my sleep and I wonder what critter is the owl after tonight?  Our neighborhood birds do enhance our quality of life, if only we take the time to enjoy them.

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Break-ins, Rummaging Through Vehicles, Ringing the Door Bell…

Dial 911 whenever you suspect people in the neighborhood are up to no good.  And my personal opinion; talk to your alderman about increased police budget for more patrols on the street.  The city budget has been feeling the effects of tax reform at the state level for the past several years and as a result all departments including the Police department are making do with less.

We citizens can do more as well.  First if you haven’t visited the city website and searched “home security” you will find a wealth of information there.  Often much is shared at ward meetings or Glen Armil Neighborhood Association meetings, too.  Here on this website find the tab “Davenport Police Info” ; See what we have posted here.  Neighbors looking out for each other, and

Finally we citizens can and should utilize new security technology that allows us to have ears and eyes at the perimeter of our property 24/7.  Cheap home closed circuit TV security systems are available for the cost of a single month’s electricity bill.  This investment in the security of your home will provide on going peace of mind and will provide the police with invaluable help in apprehending thieves.  Motion detectors can be of some help in some situations, especially if you protect your garage interior with one and are out in the yard working leave the door open and a family member is alerted to someone in the garage by the audible tones. These can be had for less than $30.00.

The best security is now available at reasonable costs as well.  Wireless systems don’t cost much more than a bicycle and probably are less expensive than the deductible on your home insurance.  They can provide audible alarms, but for a reasonable monthly fee, they can provide calls to police or fire in case of a break-in or fire. Do your homework, investigate what is available to you and just how reasonable an investment in security can be.  Technical advancements have dramatically reduced the cost of home security.  Invest in good deadbolt door locks, properly installed.  Make sure the jambs of your exterior doors are stout and can withstand a good kick.  The best lock will not be able to protect a poor installation.

Don’t let the moderate costs of security scare you off, since they are not really costly at all if they provide protection of your belongings and peace of mind.  Would you buy a cheap insurance policy that didn’t provide proper protection?  Consider what we pay for home insurance, shouldn’t we augment that investment with some reasonable costs in security.  So the entire system for protection, Davenport police, homeowners insurance, and home security systems provide overlapping protection and peace of mind.

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A Salute to a Charter Member of GANA

Wilma Hauser was a charter member of GANA and a current member, I believe. She attended many of our meetings and would apologize if we scheduled a meeting on a Monday as she had a standing commitment on Monday evenings.  Short of serving as an officer, she was as faithful member of Glen Armil Neighborhood Association as we had.  Her obituary is summarized below and it epitomized the quality of residents of our great neighborhood.  Thank you QC Times for providing the obituary.

Funeral services and a Memorial Mass of Christian Burial for Wilma Hauser, 87, a resident of Davenport, will be 10 a.m. Wednesday, August 2, 2017, at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, 417 N. Main St., Davenport. Inurnment will be Rock Island National Cemetery, Arsenal Island. The family will greet friends Tuesday at the Halligan McCabe DeVries Funeral Home, 614 Main St., downtown Davenport from 4-7 pm. Following the visitation, cremation rites will be accorded.

Wilma died unexpectedly Tuesday, July 25, 2017, while snorkeling. She was on a vacation near the Galapagos Islands in South America.

 She was born Wilma Jean Baumgartner on May 21, 1930, to Louis and Marian Baumgartner in Indianapolis, Indiana. She grew up in Detroit and Chicago, and attended college at Stanford University, majoring in journalism. On May 15, 1954, she married David James Hauser, to whom she was married for 55 years until he passed away on Nov. 12, 2009.

Along with raising five children, she worked as secretary to former Davenport Mayor Kathryn Kirschbaum, executive secretary at First Federal Savings and Loan, and as a communications manager for the Congregation of the Humility of St. Mary. She also volunteered extensively throughout the Quad-Cities, including serving on the board of Project Renewal. Every Thanksgiving, she would cook and deliver a turkey for Father Conroy’s Vineyard of Hope in downtown Davenport. She also sang in the choir at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

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Free Glen Armil Ice Cream Social – June 25th

The annual Ice Cream Social for residents of Glen Armil/Petersen Addition and Norwood Park will be held Sunday, June 25th at 2 PM in Glen Armil Park.  The function is sponsored by the Glen Armil Neighborhood Association and is free to residents of the previously mentioned neighborhoods.  Bring lawn chairs to sit on and an appetite for ice cream!  If anyone wishes to bring musical instruments for an impromptu sing-along/concert feel free.  

Come meet new neighbors and get acquainted.  A rain date will be posted here on Sunday, if inclement weather postpones our festivities.

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Memorial Day 2017 -Long Time Glen Armil Resident Passes

Hazel L. White, 90, formerly of Davenport, passed away May 16, 2017, at her home in Napa, California. Cremation rites were accorded and at her request, there will be no public service. Inurnment will be at Rosedale Cemetery, Cambridge, Illinois at a later date.

Hazel was born December 30, 1926, in Geneseo, Illinois, to Otto and Ellen (Engquist) Peterson. The family moved to Cambridge, Illinois, when she was 6 years old. She graduated from Cambridge High School where she was very active in everything concerning music. While in high school, she also continued her classical music studies with Louise Cervin at The Augustana School of Music.

She had been a member of St. John’s Methodist Church and Wahkonsa Country Club.

She married Harry S. White on October 26, 1947, in Cambridge. She was a homemaker, secretary at several business firms and worked for Jewel Tea Company for a number of years in their meat department as a wrapper. Other than family, her greatest joy in life has been listening to great music. She also enjoyed traveling, playing golf, baking and making handycraft things for family and friends.*

The couple lived most of their married life in Glen Armil neighborhood at 914 W Rusholme.  Harry her husband died in 2013.  It was in 2012 and 2013 that I became aware of the Whites as they were neighbors to another long time Glen Armil resident, Maryanna, who lived next door to the Whites at 2306 Warren.  I had met Maryanna in 2010 and because she was outdoors often, I spoke to her on occasions about neighborhood issues.  When I no longer saw Maryanna, I inquired about her of Hazel.  Hazel was a member of Glen Armil Neighborhood Association briefly before she sold her home and moved to California.   Another longtime resident of our neighborhood passed away this spring, Richard Parkin.  Richard lived in the white house on the northwest corner of Gaines and Lombard.  Richard was deaf but was adept at reading lips and could carry on a conversation with anyone who would encounter him in his front yard.  Richard spent a lot of time sitting on the stoop of his house watching the goings on of the busy intersection.  At his side could be found with his canine companion.  He kept his lawn well tended and when he was in poor health last fall, a friend and I trimmed his yews in the yard because Richard would not have allowed the yard to look shabby.

In the first two years of the G.A.N.A., I served as president and Joe Schloemer, served as vice president.  Joe passed away in the last two years as well.  Hazel, her husband Harry, Richard Parkin, Marryanna, and Joe Schloemer are now gone but I hope not forgotten in our neighborhood.  The Glen Armil  neighborhood continues to transition from one generation to another.  Perhaps you could step up and serve our association; we need a secretary presently.

*Thanks to the Quad City Times for providing Hazel White’s obituary.

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Community Wide Yard Sale Date(s) Set

Are you considering a yard sale this spring?  Your neighbors are!  The GANA board has set the day of Saturday, May 20th GANA community wide yard sale including Glenarmil, Peterson addition, and Norwood Park neighbors.  Start planning and watch for signs posted at key intersections.  Sellers are invited to extend the dates of the sale to include Thursday through Saturday if they wish. Adjoining neighborhoods are invited to join in as well. The more participation the better!

Addresses of sale sites include 2504 Myrtle, 2508 Lillie, 1003 W Central Park, 1003 W Rusholme, 2329 Frances Place, 2426 Warren plus others.  Check back.

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