Few homeowners in Glen Armil have flat yards.

This is the bed as it appears on Sunday, October 14, the most recent photo.

Click on photo for enlargement. (October 14, 2018)

All photos by Jim Welch, copyrighted 2018. Taken 10/7/’18

Mowing the grass on steep grassy areas of your lawn can be a challenge. So as I passed the 70 milestone I looked for a safer way to keep my lawn looking good without endangering my self mowing on steep slopes. Here is my solution to the steep part of my front lawn. The work was done by my son Tim who has many years of landscape experience.


July 2018 photo of the area (before).

First tier construction in July.

The cost of materials was about $1500- $1700.  Labor would be extra. Construction lasted four months because the time spent on the project was subject to weather and full time employment.  Probably we averaged four or five man-hours a week over 14 weeks.  We used hand tools except a grinder to cut rebar, a 1/2 ” drill to bore holes for the rebar, a Mantis tiller, and an electric chain saw to cut timbers.


Originally we thought it would be just two tiers high but a third tier was necessary. Luckily I had ordered two extra 10′ timbers.

Some hostas were reused from other areas of the yard, but Astibi, and Corabel and an Oak Leafed Hydrangea were purchased from nurseries.  Two other planting areas in the yard were eliminated and returned to grass this fall.  The last area with the Glen Armil yard sign will be the last bed to be relocated.  This will return most of the lawn to grass out front.

About jwelch

Past president, and at-large board member of Glen Armil Neighborhood Association. Recently he served on Davenport Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the SAU Neighborhood Relations Council. Has held many volunteer positions at his church and has been involved as a Library board member in Wisconsin, President of Reedsburg, Wisconsin Little League. Years ago he traveled to Florida for relief work after Hurricane Andrew and also to Grand Forks, ND after flooding on the Red River devastated the community. Jim has been married to his wife Donna since 1971, has two sons and 5 grandchildren. He has lived in Glen Armil neighborhood since 1983. He has been a school teacher and a painting contractor, but now retired.
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